Do I need to shoot only in RAW format?

Do I need to shoot only in RAW format?

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If deep editing of the image is not planned, then shooting in RAW is redundant.

The JPG format is enough for ordinary photography in a home album or for social networks with the ability to expose a picture and build a frame.

You expose the frame correctly, the camera adds saturation and sharpness when converting RAW to JPG internally.

As a result, you get a perfectly suitable photo for a home album or print in jpg format.


When shooting in critical conditions for a camera, the RAW format will provide more options for correcting failed shadows, highlights, white balance and contrast.

It provides greater quality of the final photo with deep editing and retouching of images.

Should I shoot in RAW?

Yes, but you need to understand its pros and cons in specific shooting conditions.

Professional commercial retouching and processing is unthinkable without the raw format.