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ENGAGAMENT PHOTOGRAPHY NYC is a visual language of self-expression.

When children learn to speak, they first repeat simple words after adults, then put them into phrases … The language is based on the repetition of structures, symbols. Creativity also works through repetition. Just as it is impossible to speak the language of Pushkin overnight, it is also impossible to create a masterpiece with zero knowledge. It is important to repeatedly repeat and feel what has been done before us. That’s how scientific progress works, that’s how evolution works.

By the way, not in all cultures creativity means the creation of something new. In Japan, for example, art is excellence in one area or another.

Some people think that “everything has already been filmed before me, so I won’t even take it.” This is a disastrous approach. We are forced to believe that art is always about something unique. But sometimes the recognition is received by the one who arranged the known elements in the best proportions. Don’t be afraid to copy the subjects, ideas, compositions, and approach of the photographers who inspire you.

Creativity is when a person uses his analytical and emotional abilities, interprets what he saw, realized, experienced before. At the stage of learning photography, one way or another, you will have to copy a lot, your own approaches will be developed over time.